Patent Law within the Uae

The Uae has altered dramatically within the last 30 years. It aspires to become a global business hub having a more vibrant and various market plus they appear to become precisely where it attempted to be. One movement toward this goal may be the modernization of patent law. However, patent lawsuits along with other ways of compliance continue to be within their infancy, but further growth is extremely apparent.

Patent Law within the UAE: A Short Timeline

The Uae is part of the Paris Union and it has thus implemented a strong patent law that allows inventors and innovators to select from an extensive number of inventions specified within stated governing law – making certain that patentees introduce their invention towards the region using the confidence their ip legal rights are very well-protected.

The first of all patent legislation associated with industrial regulation and protection of patents, industrial sketches, and fashions was enacted as Federal Law No. 44 in 1992 and it was duly implemented. It was then amended in 2002 and updated in the year 2006, inducing the development of Federal Law No. 17 – that has been unchanged since that time.

Who’s qualified to get a Patent within the Uae?

The UAE Ministry grants patents to the creative invention that is a result of an transformative process or phase so long as we’ve got the technology has commercial applications, through documented technicalities.

We are briefly touching upon integral topics that combined efforts to make up the intricate framework from the UAE’s Patent Federal Laws and regulations:

1.Patent Registration Process

2.Patent Terms & Extensions

3.Patent Enforcement

4.Patent Amendment, Records, and Cancellations

5.Patent Licensing

6.Patent Opposition & Prosecution

7.Patent-Related Border & Control Measures

8.Patents: Inequitable Conduct & Antitrust Laws and regulations

9.Changes to expect to within the UAE Federal Patent Scene

Patent Registration and it is Process within the UAE

Before proceeding for an official patent application within the UAE, the next should be so as, to make sure a comparatively seamless registration process. We’d propose that a patentee consults having a regional patent expert. As the patent registration process is seeming ‘textbook’, make certain that you simply meet with a regional patent expert, to forecast unforeseen hurdles. Irrespective, this is a straightforward procedure that you ought to undergo, when going after a patent grant within the UAE.

Nevertheless, we’ll also outline the most typical hurdles faced along the way and approaches to mitigate them:

• The applicant must be sure that the functionalities of his/her invention are documented ‘down towards the T’. No detail is really a non-necessary one. We always suggest that the document is drafted in ‘story-form i.e. what sparked the concept inside your mind to construct a prototype of the innovation, what problems it is supposed to solve, and also the technical attributes making it functional, unique and marketable.

• Your invention should have a physical prototype or formula. It’s dire the technical characteristics are completely documented and really should accordingly support all causes of your invention’s request, in order to create a strong situation together with your assigned examiner from our PTO.

• If you’re trying to get your patent within commercial license, you need to make sure that your entity’s piece of association is duly prepared and notarized.

• Besides the primary technical document, it’s needed that you simply submit a listing of evidential data, that assures the way your invention could be applied to a commercial sense. Pro-Tip: This will not exceed 200 words.

• In the situation you have hired a patent agent to provide the application before local government bodies (which hopefully you need to do), you have to secure a duly legalised and notarised Power Attorney, in support of your hired patent representative.

• In the situation that the invention is definitely an extension of the formerly granted patent, you’ll have to get yourself a letter of consent in the original who owns the last art – this really is crucial in order to avoid any immediate rejections.

• In the situation of the patent being granted in other jurisdictions, outdoors from the UAE, you need to present attested copies of stated granted patent certificates.

Patent Terms within the UAE

A granted patent within the UAE applies for as many as twenty years, in the official date of filing. Patent terms following the 20-year mark aren’t qualified to have an extension, according to UAE Federal laws and regulations.

Patent Status: Granted

The patent grant is printed and distributed within the Industrial Property Publication and also the UAE’s Official Gazette until it’s been further authorised.

Upon issuance of the submission, the Ministry shall initiate an analysis to say and see the grant duly conforms with federal rules from the statute which the innovation or method is actually innovative, original, as well as its industrial purpose.

Patent Rejections and Appeals

UAE IP legislation grants the UAE Patent Office the legal right to dismiss or reject any submission that doesn’t adhere to the guidelines outlined through the Federal Patents Statute.

Rejections are susceptible to judicial review, but patentees should be aware that appeals should be presented inside a time-frame of 60 days. Approved grant applications are printed within the Federal Patent Register, that is accessible by all people from the public, who’ve the right to lodge challenging from the UAE Patent Offices’ issuance of this patent. But when no dispute is elevated through the 60-day time-frame, the patent certificate is granted.

(When the prosecution process goes easily, it requires typically 24 months to acquire a patent within the UAE.)

Patent Enforcement within the Uae

Probably the most prominent queries we obtain from fellow IP practitioners outdoors and inside the UAE is whether or not a patent could be enforced within the circumstance of the detected breach and if the applicant includes a option between certain judiciary physiques.

The good thing is that the UAE-based patent are invariably upheld and enforced, as lengthy because the dispute is introduced before a professional judicial body in a judicial condition stage. To become much more precise and with regard to further clearness:

• Patent enforcement searched for within the Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah is going to be likely to be presented before federal courts operated individually by each one of the metropolitan areas pointed out.

• Patent enforcement in Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ajman is going to be introduced prior to the country’s Federal court.

If your claimant continues to be unclear about which judiciary prosecuting body to make use of, it’s worth mentioning the judicial circuit from the Federal courts in Abu Dhabi offers the idol judges with Ip technical education, with regards to all areas of Ip.

This permits the particular jurors to become highly experienced having a practical resolution of patent-related litigation disputes and never towards the civil conflict itself.

Enforcement in Non-Federal Tribunals Versus. Federal Tribunals

Combined with the federal magistrates pointed out formerly, cases involving patent violations occurring within or in the DIFC* and ADGM** could be introduced directly before their particular Courts through the designated Commissioner of Ip. These discrepancies fall under the next groups (and aren’t limited to):

• Patent-related Injunctions

• Claims following violation damage

• Patent-related Appeals.

*The Dubai Worldwide Financial Center (DIFC) is really a free zone located in the emirate of Dubai and it has formally officiated its very own Ip Laws and regulations in 2019. The proceedings are conducted in British and therefore are controlled by British common law, instead of Federal statutes.

**The Abu Dhabi Global Marketplace is an worldwide financial hub for domestic, regional, and worldwide entities and it has been operational by 2015. It’s a self-contained body that allows the holding of Ip through SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles).

Frequently requested by foreign corporate entities and new market entrants wanting to procure patents for that innovative technologies, are major discrepancies and key distinctions between Federal Ip Laws and regulations, DIFC Ip Laws and regulations, and ADGM Ip Rules:

As the key distinctions are very vast, the most known variations are as follow:

• UAE Federal Patent Law: Patent conflicts arising within the condition from the UAE are controlled through the federal UAE Patent Law, and cases should be correctly and legitimately construed into Arabic, in compliance using the standard civil law framework.

• DIFC: Compared to federal condition rules, patent cases introduced before DIFC courts should be presented in British and uphold British common law.

• ADGM: In comparison, ADGM operates inside a common-law plan, outside of the onshore UAE civil law system, and doesn’t enforce UAE civil and commercial rules. Patent prosecution laws and regulations continue to be developed, however they bear a powerful resemblance to DIFC laws and regulations because they are both founded and operate within British Common Law.

The Patent Prosecution Process

By means of regulatory counsel before Federal Courts, it ought to be acknowledged that the only person allowed to fully handle your case before a condition prosecutor is really a local prosecutor with public privilege and public immunity.

There aren’t any mandatory procedures that should be carried out before proceedings are commenced. When the statement of claim is filed and also the court charges are compensated, the very first hearing is going to be scheduled.

“What type of financial expenditure are you able to initially expect, to formally activate patent-based litigation?

“The amount of court charges due is assessed through the claim’s valuation these types of the technical nature of patent litigation, the judiciary would typically retain an issue consultant to render an impartial opinion – who could even incur their very own service charges against their technical advisory that the claimant should also cover.”

Patent Amendment and Recordals: According To UAE Federal Laws and regulations

Patents which have been granted inside the UAE are susceptible to amendments, recordals, and full and/or partial cancellations once the patent holder under your own accord proceeds towards the local PTO.

The causes of amendment or recordal are very lenient and simple, given appropriate documentation is presented at that time.

Partial or Full Cancellation Of The Patent: The UAE Federal law shall allow partial or full cancellation of the patent, since patent holder provides proof the cancellation doesn’t, actually, harm or damage the legal rights associated with a body elseOrorganization – within the situation the patent is a member of several people. If there is another party involved, written consent should be provided, upon submitting this request towards the ruling federal body.

Patent Licensing

On the mission to become global hub for transnational commercial transactions, the Uae has incorporated very fair and merely laws and regulations to guard everyone concerned in licensing any kind of Ip.

With regards to patent licensing so that as per UAE IP Federal laws and regulations, everyone concerned within the licensing process receive full disclosure to look for the the particular patent licensing agreement. These terms range from the extent of exclusivity, geographical territory to be used, and also the overall scope from the licensing agreement.

As lenient because this may appear, reasonable guidelines happen to be set up to guard both licensor and licensee:

• The License Agreement mustn’t exceed the patents’ remaining validity time period

• All Patent License contracts should be duly signed and notarised prior to the official notary public, with the existence of all hired signatories.

• All patent license contracts should be legally converted into Arabic.

• Once all formalities have established yourself, it’s needed the agreement is duly recorded and lodged within the relevant ministry.

“An unused or uncommercialised granted patent could cause being legally licensed to some worthier owner.”

An essential point that people feel compelled to the touch upon is the idea of ‘Commercial exploitation’.

This can be a mandatory regulation under Article 24 from the Legislation, which stipulates when a patentee ceases or discontinues commercial utilisation of the granted patent, or does not delegate the patent for an qualified assignee to handle patent commodification, the patent in dispute is going to be legally prone to be arbitrarily assigned and granted to some party considered to become appropriate. This is called ‘Compulsory Licensing.’

This will likely compel a professional judicial body to issue a patent license in situations where patent proprietors have declined to commercially use or license the patent where the circumstances justify it.

Patent Prosecution and Opposition

Any new innovation that is a result of an authentic concept or imaginative action is qualified for patent protection in almost any section of technology, supplying that it features a theoretical base and deserves security through industrial patents within the Uae.

Underneath the direction from the Directorate of commercial Property, the Secretary of state for Finance, and also the Industry applications, the commercial Property Offices regulates patents and fashions.

Exclusions from prosecution and Opposition:

• Under Article 6 from the Patent Act from the UAE, according of patent enforcement and challenge, the next subject material is excluded:

• Varieties of plant types, animal species, or organic systems of plant or animal production.

• Methods of diagnosis, medications, and surgery employed for human and animals’ welfare and health

• The ideas, observations, and methods of science and mathematics.

• Tutorials, guidelines, or procedures for trade, transporting out cognitive tasks or playing sport.

• Inventions that may lead to some breach of national security or public morality.

• Certain protocols known, in Article 6.2 shall affect inventions associated with national security.

Current Developments in Patent Scene within the Uae

In November 2019, the DIFC Ip Legislation was enacted that incorporated clauses that offer authority over patent litigations ruled through the law (such as the patent breach inside or in the DIFC) towards the DIFC Commissioner for Ip and also the DIFC Courts.

The award payments for UAE patents granted and trademarks were canceled until further notice in This summer 2019 by Decree 51/2019. However, to be able to preserve their patents, legal rights holders do need to submit “business loss charges” only with the web platform.

It’s anticipated that more than the following couple of years, a brand new UAE patent law is going to be printed. The Patent Office sent suggested legislation for consultation in 2019 towards the legal community. The UAE cabinet of ministers is eagerly pending consent. The suggested act will probably be more in compliance with worldwide patent laws and regulations and it has rules including exempt subjects, subsidiary implementations , along with other sectors not controlled by existing legislation.


We’ve been very happy to compile this document for anybody who seeks a far more detailed description of methods patents be employed in the UAE. We’re proud to talk about our hard-earned understanding for that growth and progress from the creative culture.

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