Saddle stitching binding.

This is among the most typical binding methods. It’s fast, affordable, and readable.

Scope of application: product manuals, sample books, picture albums, conference materials, training manuals, Mire manuals, contract texts, recruitment manuals, etc.

(2) Perfect bound binding.

Because of its good flatness, a lot of books and periodicals presently make use of this binding method. The superbly designed cover and also the text are glued together by special glues and punched through the binding machine to bind them right into a book.

Scope of application: It’s appropriate for binding of tenders, text materials, teaching materials, etc. It’s presently a broadly used binding technology.

(3) Wire-O binding.

It’s split into two common ways: apron binding and iron ring binding. Wire-o binding has numerous of benefits. For instance, pages can open easily and visit a full all over rotation. The binding can hold any page count and index tabs could be added for convenience.

Scope of application: relevant to office materials, introductions, personal materials, business books, training materials, conference materials, conference matters materials, conference journals, etc

(4) Paperback binding.

It’s a binding method that the printed book pages are folded and affixed right into a book, and also the matched book affixes are stacked and bound with thread or wire 5 mm from the edge along the side of the binding opening, and so the cover is bound.

(5) Luxury hardcover binding.

Hardcover books are extremely appropriate for those who need printing upgrades, and they’re the top of luxury printed matter. Including plastic bound hardcover, loose-leaf hardcover and butterfly hardcover. This binding technique is luxurious, sophisticated, high-finish and sturdy, and may freely design the written text size. It’s the most effective of binding methods.

Scope of application: appropriate for binding of high-finish tenders, photo albums, practicality reports, design atlases, product albums, architectural decoration texts, etc.

6 paper sections stitched

You will find “softcover” and “hardcover”. The previous doesn’t cover the corners and doesn’t cut the mouth area the second covers the corners or even the mouth, and also the cover materials are more exquisite.

Special Note:

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