Victorian Government Solar Rebate – Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning to switch to solar energy, but the costs seem too high? Well, we have some good news for you. The Victorian Government is now slashing the upfront installation costs of solar panels for some eligible customers. 

If you are a resident of Victoria, you might want to check out the Solar Homes program by the Victorian Government. This new initiative is designed to help homeowners make a transition to solar energy. 

In 2021, the Victorian Government has set up a generous rebate system for solar panels. Eligible customers can now receive up to $1850 rebate along with interest-free loans, as part of the program. 

Simply put, the interest-free loan directly correlates with the rebate value. So, for instance, if you choose to claim $1850 in rebate, you can receive a further $1850 as an interest-free loan. In this scenario, if the cost of your Solar Panel Installation is expected to be around $3700, you will completely save yourself from any upfront costs. 

At the same time, this interest-free loan would be payable in a 4-year time frame.

Are You Eligible for the Solar PV Rebate?

To be eligible for the rebate, you must meet some requirements. These include: 

• You must be the owner of the property and be occupying it at the time of installation.

• The combined income of your household is lesser than $180000.

• The value of your property is lesser than $3 Million.

• You have not received any solar rebates previously.

• You do not already have a solar panel system installed in your house. 

Battery Rebate for Victorian Residents

Other than the rebate for installation and interest-free loans, you may also be eligible for a $4714 rebate for solar battery integration. This would be a great chance for residents of Victoria to go off-grid or to at least limit their consumption of electricity from the grid. 

However, this rebate would only be available to residents who meet some standards that are set by the Energy Safe Victoria and Clean Energy Council. 

To be eligible for the battery rebate, you must meet the following requirements: 

• You have a solar power system installed in your house with a capacity of 5kW or greater.

• You have a pre-approval from your DNSP regarding the safe integration of the battery.

• You do not have a battery storage system installed already on your property.

• You are the owner of the property and are currently occupying it.

• The annual combined income of your household is less than $180,000.

• You have not already taken a part in the Solar Homes Program on your property address.

• You do not have a solar battery or solar panels rebate already. 

• You agree to take part in battery trials via your DNSP.

Along with that, you may also want to check out the other solar incentives offered by Victoria. In this regard, Federal assistance is notable. For instance, through the Renewable Energy Target scheme, you can receive STCs that make you stand eligible for rebates and discounts on a purchase of a solar PV system.

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