Why Hats Matter On The Set Of a Movie

When you’re watching a movie, you enjoy it as if it were real life. Details line up with characters down to what someone is wearing in each scene. If a group is wearing patch hats in one scene and then suddenly they are not in the next scene, you’ll notice! Details in movies matter, so we want to discuss a little bit about why hats, in particular, matter on the set of a movie.  They can make or break a film in terms of details, but they actually serve a functional purpose as well!

Hats are an essential part of any movie set. They can help create the perfect atmosphere for a scene, and they can also be used to protect the actors from the elements. However, choosing the right hat for a movie set can be a challenge. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect hat for your next film:

Filming Location

First, consider the climate of the location where you’ll be filming. If you’ll be shooting in a hot climate, choose a hat that will keep your head cool. A wide-brimmed straw hat is a great choice for this type of environment. If you’ll be filming in a cold climate, choose a hat that will keep your head warm. A wool beanie is a good option for this type of environment.

Movie Style

Second, think about the style of the movie you’re making. If you’re making a period piece, choose a hat that would have been worn during that time period. For a contemporary film, you can get away with a more modern style of hat.

Character Traits

Third, take into account the character you’ll be playing. If you’re portraying a villain, choose a hat that will make you look menacing. If you’re playing a hero, opt for a hat that makes you look heroic.

Color Affects The Feel

Fourth, consider the color of your hat. Depending on the palette of your film, you’ll want to choose a hat that either complements or contrasts with the other colors in the scene. Background actors and extra won’t need to have bright or bold colors, but main characters tend to have colorful ensembles that stand out more and draw the eye. Hats are one way to accomplish this while keeping people in character!

Overall Message of Movie

Finally, think about the message you want to convey with your hat. If you want to make a statement, choose a hat that is eye-catching and unique. If you’re just looking to keep things simple, stick with a classic style.

Hats are an important part of any movie set, but many people don’t think about all the different parts this simple piece of clothing can affect a movie and the people working on it. It can help protect from the elements, provide needed character development, add or take away from characters (bold colors are memorable), and even add to the color palette of the film in general. A hat plays a big role in movies, and now you know a few of those roles!

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